Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Week Gone By....

Some Things I Should Have Written About Hyderabad Soon After I Came Back Since They Might Be Forgettable Incidents Just To Realize That They Are Insane Enough To Be Remembered A Week Since

1. Hyderabad might just be the only place one could get to see so many bald guys and not one of them good looking! (Sigh!)
2. It was cold in Hyderabad – which was a first to me. I have always gone there during my summer vacations, getting fried in the sweltering heat. Though beats the sweaty Chennai summers.
3. One person’s adrenalin = another person’s annoying alarm clock! It gets the work done but no one’s happy! :-)
4. You can get royally ripped off in that place buying junk and it is still cheaper than Mumbai and Bangalore.
5. Got to see and play with snow in Snow World! Note to self-Buy thick, warm jackets for London trip.
6. Really talkative cab driver/help guy can aid in taking your mind off of a flight you are about to miss. Nothing can beat the nonsense that came out of his mouth, not even missing the flight. The worst part was that sense of dread in my heart that I may have to endure another hour of that incase I missed the flight! Phew!
7. Still lovin’ Ann’s rum berry cake! Slurped off three boxes. Now, I wonder why I gain weight…??? Pass!

Cheers! (Hic to Kahlua I did not like! but to making yummy Mojitos!)


  1. do koti and ameerpet as often as you can, keep away from central hit lifestyle instead, dont do golconda unless u have a mad gang along, do salar jung despite the STEnch . COME BACK TO BANGALORE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!!

  2. awwww... I am coming to Blore but for a very short period! I dint do any of the things mentioned. Again, it was just over the weekend that I went to Hyd for. but next time will take your suggestions! :) hugs