Monday, December 6, 2010

Meri Mannat

December is finally here and I saw some resemblance of the Mumbai heat taking a hike. Yet I have friends in Bangalore talking about the pleasant weather, also surprisingly the beautiful climate in Chennai. The jealousy is not helping my case. So I decided to go ahead, venture forth in to the sweltering Mumbai heat and humidity armed with sunscreen in my hand and sun glasses on my face.

However, I quickly retreated and took asylum in a mall. So much for being an adventurer! As I had thoroughly disappointed myself I promised myself that I would definitely do something “touristy” this weekend. And then this idea struck me. Despite my friend swearing to disown me I forced him to take me to Mannat, the abode of Bollywood’s super star Shah Rukh Khan.

I was thrilled to see his house, to see that I wasn’t the only fan, to see how much people value him as they have taken time out to stand in front of his house, facing away from the wonderful beach. Although he did not make an appearance, boy! Was I glad that I went there.

SideBar- Also wanted to go and click pictures of that hideous addition to the Mumbai sky scape by Mukesh Ambani. Apparently there are cops outside, chasing away photographers and pesky people who take pictures of their house. Mr. Ambani, the Queen of England doesn’t have a problem if the “aam junta” takes picture of her palace. You are no greater than her or anyone else in this planet, please understand that!


  1. is ther a like button???? like like
    mumbai had horribe rains..chennai had nice climate n still continues the other way thou...

  2. Umm Where is the picture of Manat??? I have never seen the place!!!

    Did you also not check out Dharavi? Hollywood people make films about it I have also heard that one person won the oscar... Something about slumdog Jai ho!!!

  3. What could you exactly see beyond that massive gate? I caught a peek at the driveway because a car was exiting when I was there... else I wasn't too excited about it.

  4. @just me... - SRK apparently sometimes walks out on to the balcony and waves. So I was hoping for that to happen, although going there at 4PM might have not been a great idea :)
    @pRicky- dude! Dharavi just amazes me. Passed by it a couple of times. The way people live...Unfreaking believable!!! I don even wanna write about them cause its something else to live like that